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Making lives easier since 2006

Since 2006 we have been managing clients with thousands of members, fixing their membership management software problems and making life easier.

We put our collective brains and passion into clever, useful and engaging solutions and we provide hands-on support, after hours if needed. We have been pushing the industry forward with each new association and have been consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations, which are highly demanding and exacting.  From flexible community projects like Abingdon Gymnastics Club, to setting the standard for regulatory bodies like NASBM (National Association of School Business Management), we can cater to your needs- big, small and everything in between without breaking the bank.  

Our key industries are Associations, Trade Associations, Communities, Societies, Regulatory Bodies and Organisations.

In-house support from Trusted Sources

We are an all-in-one package, quite how we have managed to maintain our collective creativity and technical wizardry remains a mystery, but the end results are pretty good. Don’t get us started on process automation, our passion for efficiency is verging on insane and if you have lots of systems that need integrating, we love a challenge (we’re a bit geeky like that).

The best thing could be that because everything is hand coded by us, we know the system inside out, so any issue you have can be sorted out before you can say Star Wars and coding your little foibles won’t cost you the earth.

With 16 years experience I guess you could say you are in safe hands, the system we will give you has been round the block and the chances are that we’ve come across situations very similar to yours and we have a plan.

We are Microsoft Partners, and have successful projects with raving reviews.

Get in touch with us to try our demo. Can’t call us right now? Don’t worry, we are available via Twitter and Email.

How we can help you to choose the right Membership Management Software System

Exactly how automated is it, you ask? Our product does administrative and often routine tasks such as:

  • Payment reminders
  • Automated membership renewal paperwork
  • Event booking administration
  • Facilitates growth without the growing pains
  • Plus 24/7 access for both you as the administrator and the client members, so signing in is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Moreover, Satori enables you and your team to work on value-added tasks focusing on your members and activities. Saving you money and time makes us happy, and good thing too, because saving you resources is what we do best!

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